Tips for cleaning your computer’s keyboard using basic household objects

Keyboard getting mucky? Don’t rush to the shop, you probably have everything you need at home.

Our gadgets are notoriously riddled with germs, and your computer’s keyboard is easily one of the frontrunners.

Whether it’s typing while you eat or months of dirty hands, keyboards are neglected from the list of cleaning chores, despite, according to studies in recent years, harbouring more germs than a toilet seat.


  1. Prepare your keyboard

Before you get started, unplug your keyboard if it’s plugged into a PC. If you’re using a laptop, switch it off.

This is obviously a safety precaution. Another issue is that leaving your keyboard plugged in or laptop switched on will put pressure on the keys and mess around with your computer.

  1. Get a toothbrush between the keys

The first task is to tackle all the bits that have fallen between the keys. It would be great to remove the keys if you know how to, but it’s not advised if you haven’t done so before as you could damage your keyboard.

Instead, use an old toothbrush to sweep between the keys. Go along the rows and columns several times, and try to push everything in the same direction.

  1. Use a cotton wool bud and a bit of soapy water

Next, you need to clean the keys themselves to get rid of hidden germs. Get a clean cotton wool bud and some soapy water in a bowl.

Dip the bud in the water and squeeze it off so there is no excess water dripping off the bud. Then clean each key, repeating the process every five keys or so.


  1. Use a rubber on stains

If there are some tough stains or marks, see if you can scrub them off with a rubber. If you can find a pencil eraser, it’s even better. Be careful not to make any extra mess by dropping the rubber pieces between the keys!

  1. Finish it off with kitchen towel and polish

Wipe the keyboard off with some kitchen towel, and if you want to give the keyboard a bit of a sparkle, add some polish to the towel.

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